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We build long
term relationships
based on trust

About us

Aqualink is a Chilean company dedicated to processing and commercializing salmon and other seafood products.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals that have worked for years in different salmon production companies giving us ample experience in production, processing and sales. As a result, we are closely connected to the leading players in the industry allowing us to offer our clients a variety of products with personalized service according to the needs of each customer and market.

We are a buying solution for all types of companies, regardless of location, size and volume, able to oversee shipments of any specification and requirement at a timely and competitive rate.

Our Pillars


Our team has decades of experience in the salmon industry and a deep understanding of the whole value chain.


Our commercial relationships are based on trust between the producers that supply us and each of our clients thanks to reliable fulfillment of our commitments.


We are adaptable, responding dynamically to the needs and demands of each customer: shipments of unique or consolidated products, diverse formats and specific characteristics.

Our Team

Cristián Daniels

Carlos Haeussler
Business Manager

Patricio Campos
Business Manager

Maximiliano Lazcano
Business Manager

Solange Vera
Comex & Accounting

Andrés Mansilla
Commercial Operations

Bexe Silva
Quality Assurance Leader

Viviana Zúñiga
Quality Assurance

Vanesa Nuñez
Quality Assurance

The product you need, where you want it

Our main product is salmon in all its formats and packages from generic brands to private labels, unique and consolidated shipments as well as a wide variety of other seafood including: mussels, octopus, hake, and Chilean abolone among others.

Here you can see a list of some of the products we typically work with.

Chilean Abalone

We are on top of your product´s production process

Our operations are in the South of Chile in the heart of the salmon industry.  This allows us to be present throughout the process, coordinating every aspect from start to finish with different collaborators in the production chain from the selection of raw materials to shipment.

Never too far

Our products travel to countries all over the world.  Our thorough understanding of the distinct regulations for each market allow us to meet the needs of each customer regardless of where they are located.

Asia: “It is a serious and professional company.  We are pleased with the quality of products and fast response to the information we need; always delivering on our demands.”

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USA: “We have been working with Aqualink for a long time.  They have demonstrated a great capacity to respond and a thorough understanding of the business.”

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Mexico: “Aqualink has been an excellent partner to find the products we need.”

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Brazil: “We are happy to be working with Aqualink because they adapt to our requests, always with a proactive and professional attitude.

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Germany: “Aqualink has been able to find constructive solutions to the different situations that arise in our business.  Because of this we are very happy to be working with them. 

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Israel:  “Their professionalism and seriousness is what has made us choose them time and time again as our seafood product provider, always trusting that they will deliver the quality promised in their products.”

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Call or write us!

Our offices are located at San Bernardo 224, Oficina 9,

Puerto Varas.

Región de Los Lagos, Chile.

Write us at
Or call us +56 65 220 0921.

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